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  1. Favourite pick up point
  2. How long without sex?
  3. Most Good Looking Mothers
  4. Best KTV in singapore....
  5. Do u want to see the return of the picture forum
  6. At wht age r gals most sexually attractive to u?
  7. Fav Position To Eat Pussy
  8. Hairy...Trim...Shaved?
  9. Which celebrity make u cum like lightning?
  10. Most Desirable Airport/Aircraft Carrier celebrities
  11. How much have you spent bonking?
  12. Pick Up Joint...
  13. What size of boobs do you like?
  14. which one?
  15. How long you prefer your penis to be?
  16. What Kind of Man Are You?
  17. Circumcised or Uncircumcised
  18. Preferred Style of Cumming
  19. which nation girl are your sweetheart
  20. Do you CIM with your wife/gf?
  21. Ever Fucked A Virgin?
  22. Polls For Upskirt Fantasy
  23. Poll for reputation system
  24. Have you physically molested female?
  25. Which type of wife will u prefer ?
  26. Would you trust a samster more if he has a high reputation rating?
  27. How much would you pay to screw a virgin?
  28. Oldies
  29. Orgy Session?
  30. Indecent Proposal
  31. Malaysia BOLEK!!!
  32. You usually go for FL/WL of which country?
  33. What is the main reason you go for FL/Pros
  34. Fuck behind your gf/wife back?
  35. When masturbating
  36. How many time can u cum in a nite with ur gf/wife/fling/sex partner/wL/FL
  37. Your fav type of pussy
  38. Which Club Got Most ONS?
  39. At what age are women...
  40. How many Bro here actually go circumzise?
  41. Girls for Which Country You Prefer?
  42. Which of the following sex will you like?
  43. What will you do if you ganna AIDS!!
  44. Singapore Idol..
  45. How often do you have sex?
  46. how do you view PRC
  47. Cum where?
  48. What is your highest rank obtained on serving NS?
  49. What is your highest education level achieved?
  50. How Much is your income....
  51. How many gals have you bonk??
  52. how old are you
  53. How often do u go to gym??
  54. $1,000 or free bonk
  55. Fantasy Poll: Pick one of the following!
  56. Eunuch or farmer?
  57. Would you marry someone who is not a virgin (honestly!)
  58. Do women like morning sex?
  59. wildest places where u hv wanked off
  60. BJ or FJ
  61. Will you be responsible?
  62. Wildest place you have sex??
  63. If found Wallet with $300
  64. Condom found in your wife's bag
  65. What would u do if you dont like the FL?
  66. What's the record number of times you've jerk off in 1 day??
  67. How would u rate her looks?
  68. When Did You Lose Your First Virgin Fuck?
  69. After Action Review - When u screw a FL/WL until she bleeds, wat would u do?
  70. How much u spend on bonking FL/WL each mth?
  71. What is your rep points? See who is the king of the ring
  72. What will you exchange with your rep. points?
  73. Re: what your fav bonk position
  74. Gals from which countries do u prefer for sex?
  75. New Subn Plan for Sammyboy pte Pic.
  76. CIM and swallow
  77. How do you get to know about Sammyboy?
  78. Re : about report of ppl walking around nude at home
  79. Closing down of Team JB MOB
  80. Who did you lose your virginity to? ( Anal sex and toys don't count)
  81. PRC vs Viet vs SG vs Other Nationalities
  82. Do you like lick cunt?
  83. Re : Shaved Cunt or not
  84. What is your profession?
  85. How often do you donate to SPERM bank?
  86. How long you can go without having sex?
  87. International Sex Experience Pls Rate
  88. Would you do dis?!?!?!
  89. What would you do if u r d student-lover??!?!?
  90. Which Mediacorp 8 artistes you want to bonk?
  91. Which Mediacorp newscaster/TV hostess/anchorperson you want to bonk?
  92. Pubs with chio babes to watch and great music to match
  93. Who is your favourite JAV Actress?
  94. The most FAME AWARDS in the forum!
  95. Favourite avatar
  96. Best BJ
  97. Tipping after sex...... how much??
  98. Birthday falls on which month...
  99. Your most expensive bonking session??
  100. Anal De-flowering
  101. Should Boss allow "zappers" NOT to leave name?
  102. If your boss wants you?
  103. What catches your eye at pools/beach?
  105. Rate this bod!
  106. Most Number of Bonks
  107. Poll between Pretty Girls more Dao and Attitude, Or Plain Janes More Dao And Attitude
  108. okay now is another 32 yrs old local milf
  109. Rate this bod in a Grape Style Bikini!
  110. Marry a Virgin?
  111. Which one do u prefer
  112. Which one do u prefer
  113. No entry for PUSSY and access granted for ASS?
  114. Defination of Senior Samster
  115. Which nationalities you prefer to have as you spouse?
  116. When will u be "retiring"?
  117. What happen to your 1st Love?
  118. Fellow Samsters' Occupations
  119. Wat kind of sex have u tried b4?
  120. Reasons to stop chionging
  121. How much u indebt because of cheonging
  122. EPL League Champion 05-06
  123. Guys, Do you accept older girls as wife?
  124. How Many Hard-Ons You Get Visiting SBF Each Time?
  125. Poll of wad bros here think?
  126. TCSS boon or bane?
  127. Which Female Contestants you want to bonk most in Project Superstar
  128. Wwe Divas
  129. How many Cola Bottle caps have brothers open before?
  130. Fav MediacorpTV Female Artist
  131. Fiona, Jeanette or Rui En
  132. Superstar Final
  133. bonking which celebrity?
  134. Which of the Tri-Force of SAF has the most chio gals?
  135. GPS on Health Centre (Poll)
  136. QuickDraw McGraw (And where you shoot ....)
  137. Where is the place you cheong for the very first time and include sex ?
  138. What position is your cock during erection ?
  139. Would you pay $30 for decent bath with no hanky panky
  140. I lost my virginity as the age of ....
  141. which gal u wanna doggystyle?
  142. how long can you TAHAN?
  143. Which part of the girl's body do you attack first during bonking???
  144. How thick(big) is your little bro?
  145. Important poll - chance to earn reputation points
  146. MOST IMPT POLL: Should TCSS Be Allowed?
  147. Greatest sextasy adventure
  148. Circumsized?
  149. Should rep points be used to qualify for access to the PRIVATE SECTION?
  150. chee bye lover nick & avatar
  151. Choose beauty OR chio?
  152. whose face do u want your cum to be on?
  153. Should Sami deserve a bonk voucher??
  154. If Your Wife/GF/etc Mishbehave...
  155. Which race u have not bonked before?
  156. Have you popped a virgin?
  157. which is the best way to hook girls?
  158. Dawn Yang
  159. How do you rate her?
  160. Most Amount of Times You Have Had Sex In A Single Day
  161. Vote for Star Awards CFM Look Winner
  162. Nationality
  163. Uniform!!! Choose One!
  164. Your Favourite HK-Based Movie Star!
  165. Numbers.....
  166. HK-based Movie Star - Secret Vote
  167. Your most favourite Sex Position?
  168. virgin or experienced...
  169. Who is more pretty?
  170. How much will u rate her
  171. How Do You Spend In LOS??? Part 2
  172. How much you rate her
  173. Fiona Xie Auction
  174. Do u despise whores?
  175. Is thaivisitor a bully?
  176. Biggest bully in SBF
  177. Tirakship- For or Against?
  178. Best Local FL in Year 2005
  179. Which Mediacorp Actress do you think is the most beautiful? (Use this poll)
  180. ONS at club
  181. Are you willing to bonk gal who look like your male friend?
  182. Witch is good to fuck
  183. Which Mediacorp Actress do you think is the most beautiful? (Poll's UP!!!)
  184. Vote For Miss Hatyai Motorshow 2006
  185. Which race of gal gives u the best sex ever?
  186. Hot Meter: Please rate this Chio Bu 1
  187. Hot Meter: Please rate this Chio Bu 2
  188. which staridol female contestants u wanna bonk most?
  189. Would you have sex with your EX ?
  190. Would you trim your pubic hair?
  191. Hot Meter: Please rate this Chio Bu 3
  192. are you old boys from (your school) -- 2006 update
  193. Losers are those who need prostitutes.
  194. Hot Pick 1: Which Girl do you think is more Chio?
  195. I visit SBF for....
  196. Best Sexperience
  197. ISM Contribution Polls =P
  198. Marriage with a WL?
  199. Do you surf SBF in your office during office hours ?
  200. Hot Pick 2: Which Girl do you think is the most Chio?
  201. How much she fetch?
  202. Hot Pick 3: Which Race Queen is more chio?
  203. Hot Pick 4: 白歆惠 vs 童怡禎! Who is more Chio??
  204. Why got so many clones being born?
  205. How many virgins you took?
  206. Bonking Ah Gua Transexual
  207. Back Door Entry
  208. Who to chose- Ex-WL,sg gal or give up both
  209. Girl's school uniforms
  210. Most Attractive Celebrity 2006?
  211. DHS Queen 2006 Pagent
  212. Hardworking girls wouldn't end up as whores. Agree or Disagree?
  213. Circumcised?
  214. Boxers or Briefs
  215. Top chiobu of ur choice...
  216. Prostitutes are women of loose morals who are out to make a fast buck.
  217. tips for thai cat40s - how much u tink is ok?
  218. tips for $45 thai FLs - how much u tink is ok?
  219. tips for Indo FL ceweks- how much u tink is ok?
  220. Gorgeous vs GF
  221. When will you retire from cheonging?
  222. Most number of cums--
  223. Where To Cum?
  224. Are you married?
  225. How many different gals you fucked on the same day?
  226. Is she Pretty ...
  227. Favorite type of sex?
  228. Is Gwendoline Yeo pretty?
  229. Which MCS actresses are RQ materials?
  230. Oldest you have bonked
  231. Generally, Are Pretty Women great in Bed?
  232. Which country girls provides the best sex services?
  233. What type of gal would you bonk?
  234. How would you rate her?
  235. inches of your dick
  236. Would you do Carol Cheong Raw(if got chance) ?
  237. Would you do her raw if she has stds ?
  238. How many ahlians you've ever bonk?
  239. Would you Raw her, even she said "it free"?
  240. What Is Nanog69 Intention?
  241. should the rep system be fine tune?
  242. Which part is most important when looking at a gal from behind?
  243. How much would you pay to up her
  244. First time you CIM your GF
  245. How much would you pay IF she is a FL ?
  246. How Much If She FL?
  247. Lynn Poh Vs Fiona xie
  248. Where and how you guys DIY??
  249. How Many Times U Pcc?
  250. How Often You Engage in Commercial Sex